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Picture yourself offering compassionate, steadying guidance in the midst of someone’s uncertainty, job loss, or grief or providing quiet words of comfort during a hospital visit. Imagine the difference you could make during times of trouble and need if you were equipped with the right skills and resources.

The need for congregation members and leaders to step in to provide compassionate peer-to-peer spiritual care is happening more and more often. In our ever-changing world, churches must build competent lay teams to share the responsibility of long care visit lists, and judicatory leaders must empower congregation members to take on visitation ministry where clergy may not be available at all. Especially as they find themselves called to offer solace and support during hard times, these leaders grapple with the question: “How can I provide effective care in such new, diverse, and complex situations?” Together, we are all seeking ways to build stronger, more resilient faith communities that thrive on meaningful spiritual care and comfort—and we are all in need of tools to equip those on the front lines.

This transformative course is designed to supply faith community members with the tools they need to address visitation ministry challenges head-on. With the guidance and resources supplied through this course, we can develop communities of empowered leaders who understand the nuances of care visits and provide peer-to-peer support that strengthens the bonds within congregations.


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